Caritas Nur-Sultan

Ending poverty
Promoting justice
Restoring dignity


Catholic charity fond “Caritas-Astana”

Since 2001 in Kazakhstans capital we help people to end poverty, hunger and social isolation providing comprehensive humans growth

Who we are?

“Caritas” in Nur-Sultan city is a part of the world-widenetwork of non-commercial organizations covering over 200 countries and regions. The latin word “Caritas” means mercy and sacrificial love – two features which are most essential in our work.

What do we do?

In our work we are confront poverty, aid destitute, promote justice and solidarity, create sustainable social systems in different parts of the human life.

Need help?

Fulfilling our mission, we are ready to help in different situations despite nationality and religion. Each casehas its specialtreatment. Contact us with phone or e-mail for consultation.

Please help those who needs it. Together we will do it!

Thanks to your aid we can help the poorest become self-sufficient and lose their need in charity.

Our partners
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