Our mission and goals

“Caritas” in Nur-Sultanshares mission of Catholic Church – help the poor and promote charity and justice all along the world.

Faith in action

We are inspired by gospel, teaching of Catholic Church and hope of the people living in poverty. We are urge everyone to react on humanitarian disasters,promote holistichuman development and eliminate causes of poverty and violence. We are inspiring catholiccommunities and all people of the good will for solidarity to misery of their brothers and sisters in their cities, countries and throughout the world.

Practical reaction on problems

“Caritas” is practically reacts on humanitarian disasters: conflicts, or those caused by natural disasters or changing of climate. We are saving humans lives, relieve sufferingand help to restore means of subsistence of individual households and regions in long-term perspective. That helps poorest women and men to survive and restore after crisis and live in safe and calm circumstances.

Reorganization of life

“Caritas” promotes comprehensive human development, that people and families could live and prosper in peace and dignity. We work for our natural environmentwas controlled with responsibility and stability considering family interests.

Urge to a better world

“Caritas” goal is a worldwhere voices of poor will be heard. World, where every woman or man from the poorest part of society can influence on a system, decisions and resources which considers them. World, where they can live under the guide of government, institutions and global organizations which are fair and accountable.

According to our mission in Nur-Sultan we have distinguished basic theses for our work:

• “Caritas” was created for developmentof charity and social activity and also improvement of relationship among the catholic charity organizations.

• The basic goal of “Caritas” ispromotion in extension of justice with help of charity and social activity.

• Developing and organization of regional and interregional initiatives for improvement of religious activity, culture, science, traditions, social life conditions, ecology, etc.

• Providing of legal aid and social defense to “Caritas” employees, citizens and organizations, support for families, motherhood and childhood.

• Developing and realization of social and charity initiatives in the field of healthcare, education, culture, spiritual development, etc.

• Organization and running scientific, technical, social, cultural and other events includingfundraising, charity donations, and other actions to achieve the goal.

• Attract individuals, companies, organizations, commercial structures as sponsor for promotion different “Caritas`” initiatives.

• Performing of editorial and publishing,advertising and informational activity.

• Performing of different not prohibited by law activities.

Together we can do much more. Please help us help!

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