Compassionate love

What is Caritas? Caritas is not just structures, it is not an office. Caritas is the love of Christ, which is realized through a person to his neighbor.
The mission of Caritas is to be ready to help everyone who needs it. Give hope where it seems to be gone and show the spirit of love in the light of human life.

As we watch what is happening in virtually every country today, we all experience different feelings. This is pain, compassion, a sincere desire to lend a helping hand. And this can be done by both a charitable organization and an ordinary person with a kind sympathetic heart. It is impossible to explain where the sincere desire to provide selfless help arises, staying in the shadows and rejoicing, looking at how your neighbor’s eyes shone with happiness.

The time of Advent has come – this is the expectation of the coming of Jesus Christ. Prepare your heart for this meeting. Decorate it with good deeds, fill it with love and mercy. If you managed to make someone even a little happier, then you have become a hundred times happier.

Today we want to tell you about the parishioners of the Novokubanka village. They always participate in all kinds of charity acts. Thanks to their efforts, the project “Give a Second Life” is being implemented – parishioners collect clothes that are still suitable for wearing. And the villagers in need can come and choose the necessary thing.
“Mercy is love that does not require reciprocity, it is possible for all people, this is its wealth and strength” (N. Berdyaev)

Compassionate love
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