Our dream came true!

We want to share our great joy – our foundation has finally acquired a building for its own office. Before that, for many years we huddled in a small room in the building of our Diocese.

The absence of our own premises is the circumstance due to which we could not turn around in full force. Any of our ideas always ended on a note of regret – Oh, if only we had more space!
Thanks to the sponsorship of organizations such as Renovabis, USCCB and CRS, we were able to make our dream come true! And also thanks to the funds that Pope Francis allocated for the needs of our Diocese, and which went to buy our house.

Of course, we will now have a lot of work to do, including small repairs and the implementation of new projects that we are now thinking about – this is work with children, support for needy families.

The house is located in the Lesozavod area. And we hope that the day when we celebrate housewarming is not far off!

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