Summer is vacation time

Summer is a long-awaited time for every student. We are sure that there is no such person who would not agree with this statement. And for parents, the question always arises – how, where to rest their child?

Every year in the Lesozavod area, the Roman Catholic parish of the Mother of All Nations organizes a camp for local children. This summer, volunteers from Slovenia, 12 teenagers and 2 priests, provided a lot of help.

About 60 children gathered every morning in anticipation of something new and interesting. Every day was busy – sports games, crafts, songs, watching cartoons. Gadgets and online games were forgotten. Only real communication, fresh air and many new experiences.

Yes, we must add that the day began with a delicious healthy breakfast. And after all the games in the fresh air, the kids were waiting for a hearty lunch. And the cook for the camp was the manager of our fund, Elena, who prepared amazing, tasty, healthy dishes for everyone.

Time flew by in the camp. A touching farewell to the volunteers, photographs for memory, exchange of souvenirs and a lot of the most positive impressions! Thank you summer!!!!

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