Gather for school campaign

Gather for school campaign

Until September 1, there is less and less time left. While the children are spending the last weeks of the summer holidays, parents are buying what they need for their studies: notebooks, pens, briefcases, clothes… True, not all families have the opportunity for this.

Getting a child to school in Kazakhstan this year will cost more than last year. This conclusion was made by parents who have already managed to ask the price of goods. Even buying notebooks with covers significantly hits the budget. What can we say about families with many children, about those who are in a very difficult life situation?

Every year, on the eve of the new academic year, our foundation holds the Gather for School campaign. Last year, our fund purchased 60 portfolios. And people of good will brought stationery to our office, to their parishes at the place of residence.

This year we also appeal to all caring people to help children from low-income families get ready for school. You can bring stationery to our office at Astana, st. Susamyr, 30 (Lesozavod area) or to local parishes. Or transfer funds to our card – 4132 6400 1203 9703 – Leszek Smakosz OBF Karitas Astana (marked “School”)

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