Results of the year

The year 2021 has been walking the planet for a month now. Someone else is in a festive state, someone is making plans for this year. And our foundation sums up the past year, which will now remain in history.

The goal of our foundation is to draw public attention to charitable activities aimed at helping those in need, participating in projects and actions that are of great importance for solving a wide range of social problems.

In the summer, a very interesting project “Kind Ceramics” was launched, the purpose of which is to help adults with mental disabilities master pottery and realize themselves from the creative side.

One of the goals of our foundation – helping those in need – is realized thanks to our sponsors, volunteers through various actions. This is the “Grocery basket” – from the first days of quarantine, families who find themselves in a difficult life situation turn to us for help – these are large families, disabled people, people receiving TSA.

The action “1 kilogram = great joy” was timed to coincide with the World Day of the Poor (November 15). Thanks to the help of caring people, we were able to collect a large number of necessary products and distribute them to those in need.

We would like to hope for further cooperation with the brands “ZARA” and “BERSHKA” – everyone can bring items of clothing that they themselves no longer use and leave them at a certain place in the outlets “ZARA” and “BERSHKA”. And representatives of our foundation take boxes of clothes and distribute to those in need.

For several years now, our foundation has paid attention to people with disabilities. Our assistance consists in the free rental of wheelchairs, special beds, walkers, mattresses against bedsores. 40 people received the help they needed.

The group “Mercy” in Shortandy has launched the action “Share with others”, and now everyone can bring food, shoes, clothes, dishes – everything that can still be of benefit to other people.

The coronavirus roaming the planet has brought a lot of huge troubles and real trials for all of humanity. Fear of the virus, job loss during quarantine, drug shortages are a depressing state. Our foundation has launched a joint project with Caritas – Poland to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. This is to help the sick in reimbursing the costs of purchasing medicines. Our foundation held an action “Helping hospitals”. In particular, the Parish of the Immaculate Conception of the Ever-Virgin Mary in Shortandy, together with the regional hospital, organized medical assistance for patients with pneumonia. Also, as part of the fight against coronavirus, our foundation donated 30 non-contact thermometers and 3 quartz lamps to the parishes of the Archdiocese of St. Mary in Astana.

Our foundation and the community of the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the city of Nur-Sultan took part in the preparation and holding of the Christmas fair. From November 29 to December 20, everyone could purchase wonderful Christmas crafts. And all the proceeds went to the treatment of one of the parishioners.

The past year will be remembered by the Lebanese people by the explosion in Beirut, which killed about 200 people, injured about 6 thousand people, the city suffered serious damage to buildings, and about 300 thousand inhabitants were left homeless. Our fund could not stay away from this tragedy and by joint efforts we collected 610,700 tenge.

An unexpected disaster broke into the home of the sisters from the Order of the Sisters of Mercy, who once worked in Kazakhstan and now live in Russia. The fire caused significant damage and cannot be dealt with alone. And again, caring people came to the rescue, collecting financial assistance in the amount of 480,825 tenge.

Small residents of our region are not ignored either. For several years, on the eve of the upcoming academic year, we have been holding a good action “Putting the schoolbag together!” – dozens of schoolchildren from needy families receive office supplies that are so necessary for fruitful and successful studies. In return, the guys give us their happy smiles and promises to study for “Good” and “Excellent”.

During the autumn holidays, we launched a project in the city of Nur-Sultan near the Lesosavod. A camp was organized for the children, where the children played, drew, sang, and made crafts. In general, we tried ourselves in all directions!

Here is a short summary of our work in the past year. Somewhere we take timid first steps, and somewhere we already have gained experience and skills. We need kind wizards – helpers, we need volunteers, sponsors. That is, people with a big heart, caring, sympathetic

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